Sealing and finishing wood with natural occurring oils is a time honoured tradition, which allows you to obtain a hard wearing and natural finish which is water and heat resistant. This makes it ideal for furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and flooring.

We use 4 types of oil to finish our cabinets and worktops and drawers.

Hardwax Oil  We now use this oil to finish our kitchen worktops, which require a deeper finish than cabinet faces and doors. After a number of years of experimentation we have found that two coats of hardwax oil sanded after each coat and finished with a coat beeswax provides a deeper longer lasting finish than twelve coats of Danish oil. It can be easily refinished with further coats of wax, as required.

Danish Oil  A blend of high quality oils including approx 70% Tung oil with other vegetable oils and resins to accelerate it's drying time. this can be finished from a mid to high gloss sheen and brings out the beaty of the timber. It is also resistant to alcohol, food acids as well as heat and water.

Lemon Oil  Made from a traditional recipe, it contains no film forming resins, which have a tendancy to darken the wood. Unlike modern teak oils it pleasent to use and has the aroma of fresh lemons. We use this oil to coat the insides of all our drawers, which gives off a lemon smell every time the drawer is opened.

Pure Tung Oil  Also known as 'china wood oil' A pure natural oil, it is non-toxic recommended for chopping boards, butchers blocks, childrens toys etc. It leaves a matt finish. This oil is extremely durable in external situations. It is believed that the Great Wall of China owes it's endurance to the many coats of Tung oil applied to it during it's construction. It's main drawback is the drying time which can be up to 2 days.

Beeswax  We sometimes lay a coat of wax on top of an oiled surface. This gives added protection and is particularly suitable when a mid sheen finish is required. It can also be applied directly to the wood and we wax our drawer sides and runners directly. This facilitates their smooth running.